Simple Relaxation at Home Can Get Rid of Stress

Relaxation can be one way to deal with stress. High stress levels can cause several diseases, such as heart disease, headaches, anxiety disorders, and depression. So bad is the impact of stress on health, so you need to manage it well. Relaxation does not need to be complicated or expensive. The most important thing is to be right on target to deal with the stress that you experience. You can do regular relaxation at home, either alone or with a partner or friend. Relaxation to Relieve Stress To avoid stress and its adverse effects, you can do the following relaxation techniques: 1. Breathing exercises Taking a deep breath slowly can help relieve stress. Adjust the body position as comfortable as possible, then take a deep breath slowly. Breathe the air from the nose and remove it through the mouth. When breathing in, inflate the stomach and deflate when exhaling. Close your eyes so that you can focus more, while imagining that clean air is filling your lungs, and dirty air is
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